Our team

High standards. High quality for your high expectations.

Why work with us?

Led by Ryszard Wania, we are a team of specialised linguists providing expert editing and translation services to businesses around the world. We work hard to ensure that your content matches your company’s profile and image. What is more, by using our services you can boost your image amongst your clients, customers and business partners.

We are:

  • Accustomed to different business cultures
  • Proud of our long-term partnerships
  • Experts in providing premium service
  • Skilled in quality assurance procedures
  • Known to deliver on or before the deadline 100% of the time
  • Able to handle multilingual editing jobs all in one place
  • Friendly and approachable!
I want to work with you!

Marta Sagatowska-Wania

Sales Manager

Marta is our sales virtuoso! People just love to hang out with her over the phone. Call, and you will know why.

Communication Languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Polish

Jan Nieboras

Project Coordinator

Jan has it always under control. He will make every project run perfectly to the latest details.

Communication Languages: English, Czech and Slovak

Ryszard Wania

Managing Director

Ryszard is the leader and also the back-office man, the shadow government managing it all.

Communication Languages: Czech, Polish, Slovak and English

And that’s not all! We are also:

  • Native speakers of our target lanugages
  • Qualified, full-time translators with minimum of 5 years’ experience
  • Excited about new translation and QA technologies and processes
  • Obsessed with precision and detail and prioritise readability in fields from IT to marketing and from ISO to legal.


Cups of tea or coffee

What our clients say

  • We współpracy z Edit Perfectly najbardziej cenię możliwość załatwienia wszystkiego w jednym miejscu, ponieważ obsługują oni większość języków środkowo- i wschodnioeuropejskich. Kolejną zaletą jest ich elastyczność oraz fakt, że są tak samo skoncentrowani na jakości jak nasza firma. Naprawdę wykonują swoją pracę perfekcyjnie. Zdecydowanie polecam każdemu w branży współpracę z Edit Perfectly.

    Maarten Lemmens Dział korekt, Crestec Europe
  • Na společnosti Edit Perfectly se mi nejvíce líbí jejich princip obchodu „vše pod jednou střechou“, což znamená, že pokrývají většinu středoevropských a východoevropských jazyků. Další nespornou výhodou je jejich flexibilita a skutečnost, že jsou orientováni na kvalitu stejně tak, jako my. Opravdu to umí perfektně. Společnost Edit Perfectly rozhodně doporučuji každému v oboru.

    Maarten Lemmens Oddělení korektur, Crestec Europe
  • What I like best about the people at Edit Perfectly is their one stop shopping principle which means that they cover most of the Middle/Eastern European languages. Another advantage is their flexibility and the fact that they are as quality driven as we are. They do get it done perfectly. I would definitely recommend Edit Perfectly to anyone in the business.

    Maarten Lemmens Editing section Crestec Europe